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QuickBooks License Error

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QuickBooks License And Product NumberLocate Your License or Product Number

QuickBooks Product and License Number is a unique code which helps you to install QB properly. You can find this code in your email or from the scratch card. Often times, the product and QuickBooks License Error turn into wrong you will need to change it and attempt again.

In this specific article, you get most of the relevant information pertaining to QuickBooks Product and License Number.

Simple tips to Add License in QuickBooks?
Follow these steps to find out how many licenses you have:

Open QuickBooks and press F2, this may open the item Information
In the upper left corner, you will notice the number of User Licenses.
If you wish to know the pricing information for adding more users then stick to the steps given below:
To begin with, open QuickBooks and go to Help
Now, elect to Manage My License and then select Buy Additional User License.
After that, click on Add Seats Online link to understand the current pricing.
For purchasing additional user licenses, browse the steps below:
Step one is to open QuickBooks and go right to the Help menu.
Choose Manage My License and then select Buy Additional User License.
Important: if you fail to see the Buy Additional User License, this means that QB are at the utmost userís allowed.

Now, install QB Desktop on other systems based upon the number of licenses you've got purchased.
You need to use the exact same license and product numbers to set up QB Desktop.
Finally, follow the on-screen prompts to activate QB Desktop.
How to locate Missing License and Product Number?
The license and product numbers are available on the scratch sticker present next to your UPC code.
Installation number is also contained in the confirmation mail you received while buying the product from Intuit.
The key computer system in which you have installed the original product:
Begin the installation by inserting the CD. The method will begin automatically.
Now, choose Reinstall.
After that, make a note of the numbers mentioned into the License and Product Number window and choose Cancel.
The fulfillment email when the latest QuickBooks version launched.
Change QuickBooks license and product number-
For Windows Users
You can update or change the license and product information in QuickBooks without uninstalling or reinstalling the program.

Access the file via QuickBooks
Firstly, press F2 then F3 to open up the Tech Help window.
Head to Open File tab then choose QBREGISTRATION.DAT
From then on, choose Open File.
Now, create a backup of this qbregistration.dat file.
Save this file on your Desktop.
Open the file again from Tech Help window.
Lastly, power down QB but keep carefully the qbregistation.dat file open in Notepad.
Open the file through Windows Explorer
To start with, you need to open QB common files.
Location:C:ProgramDataCommon FilesIntuitQuickBooks
Right-click on qbregistration.dat file.
Elect to Open the file with Notepad.
Now, create a backup of this qbregistration.dat.
Save the file on your Desktop.
After that, re-open the file from Common File window.
Edit the qbregistration.dat file
a. VERSION number=î29.0? (2019), e28.0î (2018), or e27.0î (2017)

b. FLAVOR name=îQuickBooks Pro=pro, QuickBooks Premier (not Accountant Edition) = superpro, QuickBooks Premier Accountant Edition=accountant, Enterprise Solutions = bel, Enterprise Solutions Accountant Edition=belacct.î

Get the QB version for which the license and product number needs to be changed.
Replace the InstallIDcorrect product code. Follow this format: XXX-XXX and make certain that you donít remove any brackets.
Replace the license number utilizing the appropriate number. Make use of this format: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXX. Usually do not remove the brackets.
Save the file and reboot the body.
Now, relaunch QB Desktop.
Press F2 to open Product Information
Verify that License and Product Number have already been changed.
For Mac Users
To start with, open QuickBooks Desktop for Mac.
Go right to the Menu and choose to Manage My License.
After that choose Deauthorize This Computer
Once it is performed, click on Deauthorize and Quit.
Finally, you must re-open QB and follow the registration methods. This may allow you to enter a new license and product number.
Wrong QuickBooks License and Product Number:
Several times, QuickBooks activation doesnít work because of wrong QB License and Product Number. Therefore, proceed with the methods listed below to fix the issue:

Change QuickBooks License Number (Windows Users)
Open QuickBooks and navigate to greatly help
Now, find the option Manage My License.
From then on click on ëChange My License Numberí.
You will need to go into the New License Number and click on Next and Finish.
Finally, restart your body.
Modify License Number and Product Code
First of all, open Tech Help window and press F2 or CTRL+1.
After that, you need to press F3 or CTRl+2.
Click on Open File tab and then select ëqbregistration.dat.í
Choose Open File and also the file will open in Notepad.
Now, create a backup for qbregistration.datí file.
Within the end, close QuickBooks.
Amend License Number and Product Code (MAC Users)
Step one is always to open the QuickBooks Desktop for MAC.
Go to QuickBooks Menu and then click on Manage My License
After that click on Deauthorize this computer.
A prompt dialog box will open, you have to click on ëDeauthorize andí.
Lastly, open QuickBooks again and proceed with the instructions to enter an alternative license number.

For further details, you are able to speak to our ProAdvisor. They hold great understanding of QuickBooks and that can show you properly. Just dial our toll-free QuickBooks Desktop Support Phone Number.



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